Wood Products

Saw-timber, unprocessed timber, cooperage timber, plywood, chipboard, fibreboard, medium-density fibreboard, packaging timber, wooden products for construction, furniture, wood pellets, etc.

Belarus is a traditional supplier of wooden products to the Belgian market. More than 40 per cent of the Belarusian territory is covered by forests. The wood stock in Belarus is ca 1,5 billion m3. An annual accretion of wood is almost 30 million m3, while only about 15 million m3 are harvested annually.
About 70 per cent of wood processing in Belarus is carried out by the enterprises-members of the Belarusian Industrial-and-Trading Concern of Forestry, Wood-Processing and Pulp-and-Paper Industry («Bellesbumprom»). The Concern unites 60 companies which together represent all cycles of wood-processing starting from harvesting of wood and up to producing and selling saw-timber, wood constructions, windows and doors, plywood, chipboard, fibreboard, medium-density fibreboard, furniture, cellulose, paper and other products.

A big number of private companies including joint ventures with foreign capital also operate in wood processing industry. For example, currently Kronospan invests around 150 mln. USD in establishment of its production and logistics facilities in Belarus.

Specialised companies, “BellesExport” and BELARUSIAN FOREST COMPANY, were created at national level to promote exports of Belarusian timber products abroad.

Some types of wooden products, such as round wood (balances, plank timber, technological crude wood) and saw-timber (planks and boards edged and not-edged) are sold through the «Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange». One can sign contracts by means of physical participation in the auctions or through an electronic platform. Exports of other wood products is possible on basis of direct contracts with manufacturers.

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