Economic Cooperation

The volume of total exports of goods to Belgium in 2021 amounted to 224,1 million USD (150,5% compared to the same period in 2020). By this parameter, Belgium ranks 18th among all countries in the world and 7th among EU member states.

Imports from Belgium amounted to 208,51 million USD (112% compared to the previous year). The balance was positive in the amount of -15.59 million USD.

The structure of Belarusian exports to Belgium is relatively diversified: woodworking products (including furniture and finished building structures), polyamides, polished diamonds, fertilizers, metal products, frozen fruits, vegetables, flax fiber, synthetic threads and fabrics. In the structure of Belarusian exports to Belgium in 2021, 30% accounted for articles of wood, including 18.5% of wood sawn or chipped, 4% – furniture, 4% – iron and steel articles, 1.9% – complex synthetic threads.

In 2021, 188 commodity items of the EAEU HSCN were supplied to Belgium. Deliveries of 67 items for the amount of 5.05 million USD have begun. The supplies of 55 items for a total amount of 8.56 million USD were stopped (the main reason – application of sectoral sanctions).

In 2021, exports of services amounted to 53.55 million USD (124.2% compared to 2020), imports –75.5 million USD (117.4% compared to 2020). The balance was negative in the amount of -21.9 million USD.

Investments from Belgium to Belarus in 2021 amounted to 4.35 million USD (direct on a net basis), in 2020 –2.55 million USD.

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