Nitrogen Fertilisers

Nitric fertilizers are produced and exported by a large enterprise of the Belarusian chemical industry – JSC «Grodno Azot».

The enterprise specialises on manufacturing of liquid ammonia for technical use (976,8 thousand tons a year), nitrogen based fertilizers (urea — 785 thousand tons a year, urea-ammonium nitrate mixture — UAN — 720 thousand tons year, ammonium sulphate — 319 thousand tons a year), methanol for technical use (80 thousand tons a year), caprolactam (111,2 thousand tons a year), bio diesel fuel (200 thousand tons a year) and liquid carbon dioxide (24 thousand tons a year).

The enterprise also produces nitrogen in gas and in liquid, oxygen, carbon dioxide, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, methane, bio-diesel fuel, carbamide and other chemical products.

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