Statement by the Presidium of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus in connection with the resolution of the European Parliament


The Presidium of the Council of the Republic categorically condemns and rejects the resolution of the European Parliament of 19 January 2023, which reflects the politically biased position of MEPs and runs counter to the truth and common sense.

The provisions of the resolution are illegitimate and do not comply with the principles of international law. MEPs continue their futile attempts to come up with their own politically motivated rules, which are illegal and unacceptable for Belarus.

Instead of searching for opportunities to restore peace in Ukraine, MEPs provoke even more regional tension.
The European Parliament’s assertion about an alleged involvement of Belarus in the development of the situation in Ukraine does not stand up to any criticism.

We consider the inclusion of the issue of Belarus in the European Parliament resolution as an illegal pressure on our country and interference in its internal affairs.

The Republic of Belarus is a sovereign and independent state, which defends its own way of development with unconditional respect for the rights of other states. Located in the heart of Europe, our country contributes to the peaceful co-existence of all members of the international community, de-escalation of existing conflicts, and implements the principle of mutual support of states in combating the challenges of our time.

Owing to the policy of the President of the Republic of Belarus, our country is progressively developing in all spheres and has acquired the image of a donor of regional security by putting forward peace initiatives, in particular on a global dialogue on security.

The Republic of Belarus stands for peaceful settlement of the situation in Ukraine. It was at the initiative of the Head of the Belarusian State that three rounds of talks between Russia and Ukraine were organized on our territory. We are ready to continue taking all measures, also through parliamentary diplomacy, to facilitate a political settlement of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Minsk, 27 January 2023


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